UK Beachwear's Move To UK Swimwear

  • UK Beachwear has been an ongoing project in the world of fashion for the past few years, but recently, we've been itching to make a few big strides forward in a few different new ways. To do some of this, we needed a clean slate and something entirely fresh to concentrate on. The first reason we've moved over is the look. Whilst you can redesign a website, UK Beachwear's team wanted to make a few improvements that were easier to do with an entirely new website, but as they were building it, we found the perfect opportunity to do some cosmetic work to our brand areas and product pages.

    We've taken a look at some of the powerful tools that are at the hands of every developer nowadays and we've selected a few to help build a slick and responsive website. We think we've done an okay job and not only does everything look so much moer futuristic, the layout of our website has been updated making it easier to use and get around. We've gone from an old truck to a brand new sports car!

    The second reason that we've been renovating is all about branding. Branding is all about reflecting what you do, like how a movie trailer for a comedy is always upbeat and the ones for horror flicks are always tense and atmospheric. Our online shop was called UK Beachwear, but to many fashion lovers, beachwear is the term people use to describe accessories like flip flops. This is especially true in the fashion industry and we'd have many new designers approach us looking to sell everything from sandals to life jackets for when you go wind-surfing! Our customers have had the same problem. Many people asked us if we stocked this item or that design and it was simply something we didn't do.

    To end this confusion, we are realigning our site to reflect our range a little better. Whilst we do sell accessories, it isn't all we do. For us, branding ourselves as UK Swimwear is all about reflecting what we care about first and foremost, which is beautiful bikini and swimsuit designs. We now have a new home that more adequately shows what we have to offer our customers and we think it's going to be a whole lot smoother an experience for it.

    The last reason is more technical, but it has been a key reason for us to move. Like the branding issue, there's an awful lot that goes into a name. It's not just us humans that pay attention to how your website is organised; robots do too. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! all use a carefully contrusted system that helps people on the internet find what they are lookign for. Using a website name like UK Beachwear made it more likely that we'd be the site at the top of these search enginges, but for flip flops and the like. That's not what we're all about, so we wanted to realign our site and how it appeared to these search engines so that it would know exactly what we are about. Now, rather than sending those customers who came to us looking for flip flops, these tech companies are sending us customers who need a new swisuit, something that we can really help them with.

    So you see, there's plenty of reasons why UK Beachwear is now UK Swimwear, and all of them together have been keeping us from making the most of the technology at our fingertips. But now, we've put an awful lot into this new project and we think our website's experience is better than ever.

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