New swimwear from Poko Pano – an overview of this year’s range

Poko Pano Swimwear is the newest brand to be welcomed into the UK Beachwear family, and what an addition it is proving to be! Their range has already been very well received and I’m sure you can find something in the collection that will be what to be seen in this summer.

I found Poko Pano at a swimwear convention with some friends last year, and we were instantly excited by what we saw.  Well, we say that we found them, but really they found us – the agent for Poko Pano spotted us and rushed over to us with an enthusiasm I had never seen in anyone working on a Sunday before. Sabrina, a young American agent brought us over and we went through their catalogue of designs with her.

Poko Pano doesn’t come from the US though; it comes from the sun, sand and swimwear capital of the world: Brazil. This is our first Brazilian brand and I knew straight away that a bikini from this company would be worth every penny. Brazil is home to some of the most beautiful beach locations in the world and the designers have to be very special to make a name for themselves in their native country.

The first item to catch my attention was the Poko Pano Pimenta, a bandeau bikini that showed everyone just how up to the minute these swimwear designs are. The candy-cane pattern on one cup is a popular design that we’ve had a number of requests for over the past few seasons and combined with the pimenta chilli pepper design on the other cup and the briefs, the overall look is fresh and sweet and sure to be amongst the best on the beaches this summer.

Poko Pano Capri Balconette keeps with the sweet candy theme with a very tasteful lime and chocolate spring design. The cups of this bikini have small bumps inside the cup that lifts and shapes for the perfect beach-ready figure. The little gold ring is also a very clever addition that, like the balconette cups, helps draw attention to the top and really enhances the figure. This bikini has a very tasteful and fashionable tie side and the ever popular halter neck, both making this item that little bit more noticeable and special than other swimwear you’ll find on the market.

The Mykonos has proved to be very popular already and the pink, green, azure and yellow patterning captures the beauty of the Greek island it is named after. As you can see by the picture, the candy is still very strong in this collection.  The lighter pastel colours and the floral briefs of this design are perfect for both sunbathing on hot beaches and relaxing on those cooler evenings. A very versatile pattern and one of my personal favourites.

Jasmin Haltern is the definitive sunbathing bikini. The triangle cup, ever popular with those looking to achieve maximum tanning, makes this design a sure winner for summers away and a handy item to have for those hotter days at home. The whole bikini is, as you might expect, much more revealing, with tie sides on the briefs, back and neck.

And finally, another great one for sunbathing and candy fashion, Mosha is my favourite item of swimwear this season. The full candy bandeau is perfect pin up and the bottoms use a perfect colour contrast (for contrasting colours this spring/summer, my other blog might interest you). The black and white patterning and the one tie side makes this a unique swimwear design and one that’s been popular with casual holiday goers diehard fashion enthusiasts alike.

Well, I really hope this has given you something to look forward to this summer and whether you’re travelling abroad or staying home, it’s never a bad idea to treat yourself. Poko Pano is of the upmost quality and with them coming from Brazil; they definitely know great swimwear when they see it, a little bit like myself! So take my expert advice, Poko Pano Swimwear receives the full stamp of UK Beachwear quality and I insist you to enjoy every minute of sunshine you can with your new Poko Pano bikini!

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