Beachwear Sun Dresses

  • Can dresses be beachwear? Absolutely! Plenty of swimwear designers are creating and releasing new and beautiful beachwear dresses, perfect for wearing whilst relaxing by the ocean or when you make a trip into a little coastal town for a bite to eat.

    So, what separates beachwear dresses from regular summer dresses? For the most part, they are designed to be simple, manoeuvrable and comfortable item as possible, allowing you stay cool in the heat and be free to stretch out on a lounger or play in the sand with the little ones.

    Beachwear dresses are usually made of the most lightweight and easy to wear fabrics the world. They are designed to keep you cool as if you were still wearing just your bikini, but with a little bit more coverage and shelter from the rays of the sun.

    Stylistically, they are also a little different from regular dresses. Beach dresses are often complete with the most beautiful floral displays or decorated with an unrivalled amount of colour and hue. This is the easiest way to pick up on the colours and shades around you, whether it be the tropical plants or the gorgeous sunset or anything else that might have an element of the exotic in it.

    Combine these two elements and you have a dress that looks and feels perfect for any situation on your holiday. The great benefit of getting a beautiful beachwear dress to go together with the rest of your outfit is that you'll have so much more versatility. You don't need something light and airy for the beach and something different for seeing the sights around a town or city. You just need this one single item you can wear all day long, for any occasion.

    Sun dresses are also something that isn't too seasonal. With most designs being released in classic white or with a floral pattern, something that's always in fashion, beachwear dresses have a classic appeal that makes them timeless and great looking no matter the season or the year.

    Another great thing about this kind of fashion accesory is that the beach dress is convenient. Having an extensive and versatile wardrobe at home is easy, but when travelling, there are so many limitations on what you can carry and how much on it. Most commercial flights let you take around 20 kilos with you on the plane and a few more in your hand luggage. It sounds like a lot until you get it all into your suitcase and then, invariably, plenty of stuff comes back out. With a garment as versatile as beachwear dresses, this little problem is always a whole lot easier to deal with. If only you could have such versatile items for all your holiday items!

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